Cross Canada Motorcycle Tour

For years I had wanted to go touring across Canada; to explore this beautiful land. The first time I had thought about it, I was still a student. I had looked at touring Canada packages; via train, and the prices were quite well beyond my budget, still being a student at the time. So, the idea faded away. A couple of years ago, when I finally got around to purchase my first motorcycle (I had the license for 4 years prior to that), the “road trips” concept was introduced to me, which is a common thing, if not a must, amongst motorcyclists. So, as I slowly started to explore the regions round me here in BC & WA; I eventually started setting my eye on bigger road trips. Cross Canada/USA trips are pretty common.

My first multi-day ride was in Vancouver Island, BC. It was the Civic/Provincial Day long weekend, a couple of years back. I had toured most of the roads, North & West of Nainamo, BC. I rode up all the way to Port Hardy, BC, to Tahsis, BC and to Tofino, BC. I suppose I should post the trip’s summary; one day!

From that trip I learned a lot. From what’s needed to make the ride more comfortable & enjoyable to knowing one’s limits to how long/far can I ride in a given day; given the weather conditions.

My second trip, was down to Santa Clara, CA, which I had blogged about it here.

These two long trips where basically a training ground for my 11000Km+ ride; across Canada, that I knew Iwill eventually do. I just didn’t know when yet. Well, the cross-Canada multi-week motorcycle trip will start in a few hours. Stayed tuned for daily end-of-days updates (If I’m not too exhausted that is 🙂 )

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