Dark Chocolate Milk

I was at T&T looking for Ramune drinks; that a colleague of mine told me about (It’s a Japanese soda, that has this glass ball inside, and it’s kind of a little fun to open the bottle), and while I was passing by the dairy section in the grocery store, I saw this dark chocolate milk carton. I was intrigued. I picked one up.

Dark Chocolate Milk, by Natrel

See I drink chocolate milk instead of plain milk. It started with Ovaltine when I was a kid, then some years later, I switched to actual chocolate milk. And here I am all grown up and still drink chocolate milk, daily! Anyways! I’m not a big fan of dark chocolate (in all its percentages!) due to that bitter-sweet taste. However, I always like to try new things. This milk is amazing! The dark chocolate milk is sweetened enough that the dark chocolate bitter taste is there, but just barely. Kind of like that it’s not too bitter, but just enough for you to know it’s there. The dark chocolate milk has this deep, heavy & rich chocolatey flavor, that isn’t present in the regular chocolate milk. Which makes this drink a nice treat. I found that it tasted better cold than hot.

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