First Dive of the Year

I Just got my Advanced Open Water certification done this weekend. Unofficially, I’ve been diving below 60′ with my dives buddies in the past. However, it doesn’t hurt to get the certification for it, as I’d need it to dive while away on vacation or something.

On Saturday, we went to Whytecliff Park, which was a shore dive, and I’m not too crazy about shore dives! However, this time around it was more pleasant.

A few of the other divers who were also there for their AOW certification were having some buoyancy issues and/or leaking gloves (we were in our dry suits, I mean it was like 5C out there!). Most of the other divers have had only a few dives, and in warm waters. So, this was perhaps their first time diving in cold waters, and their first time in a dry suit. So, I totally understand the challenges they were facing. I was trying to be as helpful to them as I could, as I’ve been there, and it’s not pretty! Anyways, due to all sort of annoying issues, we’ve spent a lot of time in the water on surface. Let me tell you, my hands and feet got really cold. I toughed it up, only to not add any more drama to the class! And I also knew that once we get underwater, my mind will be occupied with other things, and I’d forget about the cold, which is what happened.

On the second day, we had a boat dive. Much more enjoyable. We went through the regular procedures for AOW certification. Also, today things went much smoother for everyone relative to yesterday. Well, almost. As we were getting ready for our second dive of the day, I noticed that the instructor (and owner of the dive charter boat ) had some miss-communication with the dive shop, and he ended up two tanks short. Luckily, for the rest of the students (I had my own tanks), the instructor and his assistant don’t breathe much! I mean these two guys could use one tank (each) for two dives, when everyone else would need two tanks, one per dive. Often, when I’d dive with these guys, by the time I’m almost done with my tank in a given dive, these guys are just half way through or not even!

Also, I did the biggest square ever! With visibility being so poor, the dive-master thought I got lost, and was about to surface! Good times LOL! I can’t wait to do a night dive.

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