Six Flags @ Magic Mountain

Wow, that was a long, cold, exciting and exhausting day! We spent the day at Six Flags. But before that, we drove to see the famous Hollywood Sign. You cant’ come to LA and not make the effort to see the sign. After taking a few shots of The Hollywood Sign we headed to Hollywood Boulevard to see the Hollywood Walk of Fame. We took some more mandatory tourist photos, then we headed towards Six Flags.

Alright, there are three theme parks in the LA region: Disneyland, Universal Studios & Six Flags. Disneyland is mostly for kids, families with kids, or cute couples; of which we are none of the above. We had planned to go to Six Flags, during this trip. Some of the guys had gone to Universal Studios during the week prior to my arrival. I had also asked a few people that have been to both Universal Studios and Six Flags (and Disneyland), and they had recommended Six Flags. Though they did say Universal Studios is fun too, but different than Six Flags. Let me tell you Six Flags is awesome! They have some extreme rides there. Unintentionally, the best 3 rides of the day were our last 3 rides. The park is huge, and in no way you can go through all the rides in one day. You probably need two days or maybe even three. Unless you purchase the Flash Pass, which ranges between $45 & $105 (in addition to the $65 entry fee). The Flash Pass comes in different types, depending how much you pay. The benefits range from holding your spot in the line, without having to stand there, and you get paged when your turn is up. Or, the more expensive type, which lets you cut in line right away. I guess if one purchases the Flash Pass, then one could do all the rides in one day, instead of coming multiple days. But then again, the year pass is cheaper than paying twice for daily tickets. But, I digress and who cares!

Anyways, the rides are loads of fun. The roller coasters come in all sorts of flavor: sitting down, standing up, upside down, leaning forward (picture below), leaning back wards, etc… By early afternoon, we realized that we can’t go through all the rides, so we started picking rides from the “maximum thrills“.

Anyways, the best rides we did were LEX LUTHOR: Drop of Doom, X2 & Goliath! If you’re ever there make sure you do these. Obviously, there are a few other “extreme” rides that we didn’t do, but I doubt they’d top those three!

It was night fall, we were getting cold, and we had a dinner to attend to. So, we called it a day. We headed back to the hotel, freshened up, then off to dinner. The people we were over at; for dinner were rather very hospitable (Only one of us in the group knew them, and the rest of us were collateral damage by association!). The day finished with pleasant company and a very delicious meatloaf and ratatouille. I’m glad we went over.

And here I am, back at the hotel. Tomorrow we’re driving North to San Francisco. I plan to take the Pacific Coast Highway; to enjoy the scenery.

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