LA to San Francisco

Another fun, long day. So, we headed towards San Francisco early in the morning, taking the Pacific Coast Highway. Some very beautiful scenery. We made so many stops though, that is slowed our overall progress. We stopped by some beach for a late lunch. At this point, the group decided to switch to Highway 101, to make up for lost times. I disagreed as I reminded them the nice scenery ahead is worth the extra time. Nevertheless, we’ve been out on the road for a few days, and our days were always starting early and ending very late. I could see fatigue is starting to set in for the other guys. I’m sort of used to early/long days, as I often go on long motorcycle rides and look for nice roads to enjoy. Anyways, I didn’t want to insist on the more scenic but longer route, so I got on the 101, and North we drove.

We stopped by Gilroy, CA. The guys wanted to do some shopping. We only had about an hour left before the shops would close. Having been to San Francisco a few times before, I decided to take them across the Golden Gate Bridge, so they can see the San Francisco skyline at night.

Afterwards, we drove around downtown a bit, then we headed to the Fisherman’s Wharf, for another late dinner. I had me a lobster bisque, and some fried shrimps & squid. That bisque sure hit the spot, as it was cold outside.

Now, we are at the hotel, on our last night on this four-day trip. Tomorrow, I plan to drive by some tourist attractions again; for the guys to be able to see it in daylight, and perhaps snap some pictures. My friend also needed to get some shopping done, so that’ll be that. Afterwards, we’d head towards SFO, to catch our evening flights, where we all fly back to our separate homes. Not too bad for a long weekend.


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