San Francisco

Home sweet home. We spent our last day in San Francisco chilling and shopping. I drove by Lombard street, I’ve been to this place on my previous trips, but never on a weekday! It was so empty, it’s amazing! I had also wished we had the time to take an Alcatraz tour, as I’ve been to it before, and I had enjoyed it, and I thought my friends would enjoy it too. However, due to time constraints we had to drop it.

Anyways, I drove by the Fisherman’s Wharf & Golden Gate Bridge again, (I’m being the tour guide) for my friends to see them again in daylight. After that we went shopping, and before you know, we had to make our way to SFO. We all checked-in, said our goodbyes, and went our separate ways, until the next encounter. Home sweet home!

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