Skiing @ Mount Baker

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned that I ski; in the winter season (duh!). First time I tried skiing was many many years ago, during a ski trip while in high school. I loved it so much. My friends and I had never tried skiing before the trip, and we had a blast at Saint-Sauveur, QC. We laughed our asses off! I never skied after it, until like ten years later (student = broke all the time. Also, the ski slopes are quite far in Montreal, with no access through public transportation, and we didn’t have a vehicle to make our way there). Again, I enjoyed it the second time. Then, years later, I decide to make skiing a regular activity. So, I started hitting the local mountains here in the Lower Mainland. I took a ski lesson; as a refresher, and to avoid bad skiing habits. By the end of my first season, I was alright. I bought myself a season pass for the following season, at Grouse Mountain, BC. Next Season comes, I buy myself some ski gear, and voila! And here we are to today, four years later, still enjoying and learning to be a better skier.

Today, with a colleague of mine, I went skiing on Mount Baker, WA. This time I actually went down the slopes! It’s quite a big mountain that’s about two hours away (into the US). I recommend giving this mountain a try, if you are ever in the area. It sure beats the local mountains. Although, the local mountains are good enough. And one can’t beat a thirty minute drive (to the local mountains). A note to first timers to Mount Baker, White Salmon base has mainly blue runs, with some green & black runs. While Heather Meadows base is mainly black runs, with some green & blue runs. Compared to Grouse Mountain, Mount Baker is much bigger, and with longer runs. However, I find that the green & blue runs at Mount Baker are slightly easier than the ones at Grouse.

End of day, I’m exhausted. I couldn’t fight off falling asleep on the way back (I wasn’t the one driving). Tomorrow is another fun day. I’m going to try Skeleton!

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