Okanagan Ride

So, here goes my first ride of the season. Actually, I had intended to go for a long-weekend ride; last weekend. However, I had ordered a top case for my motorcycle, and I haven’t received it, yet. Even though I had placed the order online 6 weeks ago (5 weeks prior to my planned long-weekend ride of last week) I still haven’t gotten it! Since the weather is still not very predictable here in the Lower Mainland, I would have needed to carry with me my rain gear, and my heated jacket liner. So, I cancelled my ride last weekend, and had almost canceled my ride today, due to “chance of rain”. Had I received my top case,  I would have made it a full weekend ride, and spent the night wherever, rather than just a day-ride.

The reason I had wanted to go out today was to catch up to my friend Keith, who’s doing a bicycle ride from coast to coast across Canada (See my own motorcycle across Canada trip). He started his trip 4 days ago. And we thought it would be kind of fun to meet up wherever he’d be by today, and that I would ride there. And so I did.

Obviously, I started my day late. I woke up late, and then I took longer to setup my motorcycle for the day. Initially, Keith and I planned to meet up in Osoyoos. However, Keith had a change of plans, and I was running late, so we decided to meet in Penticton around 1PM.

I decided to follow the same route Keith had taken so far. I rode through Manning Park. I’ve never been through these parts before. The ride was a bit cold, with occasional very light rain. Once I got to Princeton, I was surprised to see how small of a town it is! I hear about it so much, I thought it would be… bigger! I stopped for some post cards, then off I went.

I finally caught up with Keith ~2PM, just outside of Summerland. We chatted a bit, then we agreed that I’d have lunch in Summerland. Whereas Keith (who had already had his lunch) would continue cycling to the next town over; Peachland, and that we’d stop there for coffee or something. I grabbed a quick bite at Tim Horton’s and off I went.

I have to say the stretch between Princeton to Peachland is very beautiful with Oakanagan Lake on the East side. Too bad it was a bit cloudy and cool today. I finally caught up with Keith again in Peachland. We looked for somewhere to sit and grab a snack. We finally settled at Bliss Bakery & Bistro on Beach Avenue. I ordered my self a lemon meringue tart ( I love lemon meringue pies!). Just as we sat on the terrace outside, it started to rain!

We moved inside the bistro, and chatted about how Keith’s trip was going so far and all. Even the staff over heard us talking about Keith’s trip and were impressed; so they offered him any treat he chose; on the house.

The rain stopped, an employee told us it looked like more rain was heading our way, so we started packing. We said our goodbyes. I wished him the best of luck on his journey, and to hope to see him when gets back.

I got back on the highway, for another 4 hour ride back home through Merritt, for a day total of ~800km. It’s funny that Keith stated that it’s a little bit depressing that I did in 4 hours what he did in 4 days!

Here you can find Keith’s blog post about today.

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