Washington/BC Motorcycle Ride : Day 0

So, it’s Canada Day long weekend, the weather is good, and I got me new tires on my bike. What better way to burn some rubber than on a multi-day ride. I had always wanted to tour the Olympic National Park (in Washington), the North Cascades (Hwy 20 in Washington), and Duffey Lake Road. As with most road trips, a loop (round trip) is required, and the return leg is often boring. So, my plan is to group 3 rides into one giant loop. Two days in Washington, and one day in BC. This way, I won’t waste any travel time on the “return” path. The total trip would be ~1900Km, over 3 days. This evening; I covered the first ~110Km.

Considering, that it’s the Canada Day long weekend, I thought I’d start my trip the evening before (as I usually do) to avoid the morning rush across the US border. I opted to spend the night in Burlington, WA. I went through the Peach Arch border crossing, and I must say I was surprised to see that it was relatively empty. I may have waited less than 10 minutes. I’ve been through this border crossing on previous similar occasions, and I had to wait anywhere between 30-60 minutes, and that would have been considered good!

Anyways, I’ve made it into the US, and it’s getting dark. I rode down to Cocusa Motel where I had booked a room. On such trips, I usually pre-book a room so that I’d have a planned itinerary. I usually go for the cheapest cleanest accommodations that would have had decent reviews on travel sites.

I ended with this motel, as everything else was fully booked (Canada Day weekend). The place isn’t bad. It’s clean (Mind you there was plastic chocolate/candy wrappers behind a solo couch. Why is there always wrappers behind couches in motels!? I had to move he couch to plug my chargers). The shower though, well it was clean too, but it was made for kids, or midgets! Also there was no water pressure at all!! Arrggh!!! I paid $77.14 for the night, which is typical. I wouldn’t mind coming back, if it wasn’t for the shower! Oh, and the Wi-Fi, well let’s make it two reasons to look somewhere else next time! And there was a douche bag parked in the motorcycle spot!! I had to carry my stuff from across the parking lot because an asshole decided to park his truck in two spots, one of which is dedicated to motorcycles only. I felt like parking my bike next to his truck to block his door, but I was afraid that the idiot would knock my bike over and split!

Tomorrow, I plan to ride to Olympic National Park, through Anacortes, Deception Pass, take the ferry from Coupeville, WA, then go around the Park all the way back to North of Seattle, WA; to spend the night in Everett, WA.

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